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Stock photography agency specializing in licensed science, medical, space, nature, wildlife, people and lifestyle photos, images and illustrations.

Photo Researchers offers stock photography and illustration from our Science Source collection of medical, scientific, and earth & space photography; our Nature Source collection of wildlife, landscape & marine photographs & illustrations and our lifestyle archives of people, culture, travel and historical images. We license rights protected stock photography in both digital and traditional film formats. PHOTO RESEARCHERS Stock Photography provides image licensing for creative art buyers. Our stock includes the Science Source collection of medical photography & medical illustration, space photography & science photography & science illustration, the Nature Source collection of international wildlife photography & habitats, & the Travel Source & People Source files of travel photography & lifestyle photography. We are represented by over 35 stock photography agencies worldwide.

Stock photo company offering an online search for photos, images and illustrations.


Over 1,500 images from SCIENCE SOURCE featuring a dazzling array of conceptual images documenting your world from the micro to deep space. In-depth coverage in the fields of biomedicine includes genetics, diagnostics, histology, medical care, the human body, and more. A rich assembly of other subjects, including astronomy, earth and sky, communications, and computer technologies are also found in VOLUME 14.

VOLUME 8 launched SCIENCE SOURCE as the premier international source for medical & scientific photography. Meticulously indexed, it has become a bible of visual reference for science photography and illustration. Subjects such as light & power, networks & complexity, fluidity, medical symbols, the senses, chromosome mapping & cloning are just an order away!

We visualize the world for you in our 240 page NATURE SOURCE VOLUME 10 featuring over 1,500 fully indexed pictures of international wildlife. You will delight in the habitat spreads documenting the flora and fauna from the earth's polar regions to temperate & rain forests to the most arid deserts. Birds, insects, mammals, marine life, fossils & gems, reptiles, plants, and more are represented here. If you use nature photography as creative content, NATURE SOURCE VOLUME 10 is a must for your reference library!

PEOPLE/TRAVEL VOLUME 9 is our comprehensive catalog on lifestyles and world destinations. With an emphasis on the sights and citizens of the US, this book is a must as a visual reference to America. It also offers extensive coverage of South and Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Along with the world's great attractions, the catalog emphasizes the cultural variety and aspects of life. You'll find humanity cataloged here from infants to seniors enjoying sports and leisure activities, holidays and celebrations, family, education, and business. Be sure to include PEOPLE/TRAVEL VOLUME 9 in your shopping cart!

Thank you for your interest in being represented by Photo Researchers. We represent a select group of photographers and illustrators specializing in the fields of science, medicine, nature, astronomy, wildlife, lifestyle, and selected travel imagery. We work on a 50/50% commission basis, with sales, based on collected revenue, paid quarterly. Photo Researchers works with a large base of both editorial and commercial buyers. We have some 35 agents selling our clients' imagery throughout the world. Our marketing is based on print and electronic catalogs, our website, dedicated direct mail pieces, and renowned customer service.

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