Lyme disease tick mouthparts


Lyme disease tick mouthparts. Color enhanced Scanning Electron Micrograph (SEM) of the mouthparts of an adult Lyme disease tick Ixodes ricinus. It is a blood-sucking parasite of animals and humans. Here its specialized mouthparts used to pierce the host's skin are seen. Scissor-like chelicerae (at center) cut a hole in the skin; the long hypostome (lower center) is then inserted with its backward pointing barbs anchoring the animal. Blood flows along the hypostome. Sensory pedipalps are on both sides of the mouth. Lyme disease occurs when the biting tick transmits a bacterium to humans. Lyme disease causes fever, muscle pain, and inflamed joints. Magnification: x75 at 6x7cm size.

Credit: Eye of Science / Science Source

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