Brain scan, coronal view, MRI


Human brain. False color magnetic resonance image (MRI) of the cerebrum of a normal brain seen in a coronal section, showing the cerebral hemispheres. The red area represents the white matter which is mostly formed by nerve fibers. Its real color (white) is due to a substance called myelin, composed of fat and protein, which surrounds the nerve fibers acting as an electric insulator. The white matter is surrounded by folded layers of gray matter (yellow and blue) which is formed by the cell bodies of neurons, dendrites and glial cells. The latter form the special connective tissue of the brain. The region occupied by the gray matter is concerned with conscious thought, sensation and movement. The cerebrum is the largest and most developed part of the brain, responsible for conscious thought, memory, sensation and voluntary movement. Inner cavities or ventricles of the brain (at center, white) are normally fluid-filled. An adult human brain weighs about 1400 grams.

Credit: Scott Camazine / Science Source

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