Cell division


Mitosis. Colored Scanning Electron Micrograph (SEM) of two daughter cells emerging from the telophase stage of cell division. The cells appear rounded with surface protrusions. In mitosis a single cell produces two genetically identical daughter cells. During the last stage of mitosis (telophase), the chromosomes have already been duplicated and distributed to the daughter cells. However, the two daughter cells are still connected by a narrow cytoplasmic bridge of threads. This final division of the cytoplasm is termed cytokinesis. Long filaments that protrude from each cell surface provide mechanical support and supply nutrient substances. The two cells shown here are part of a population grown in vitro from explants of a sarcoma. Therefore they are tumor cells and should not be regarded as normal in their surface properties. Nevertheless they do not show any type of surface structure that is not also found in normal cells. Magnification 2000x @ 10cm.

Credit: Keith R. Porter / Science Source

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