Marburg Virus, TEM


Color enhanced transmission electron micrograph (TEM) of three Marburg viruses, the cause of Marburg virus disease also called Green Monkey or Vervet Monkey disease. Infection results in a viral hemorrhagic fever that includes high fever, diarrhea, sever hemorrhaging and skin rash. The first outbreak occurred in Marburg, Frankfurt, in August 1967, in which seven people died. More recent cases have occurred in Africa. These filoviruses are antigenically distinct from, but similar in appearance to, the Ebola virus.

Credit: Science Source

Model Release: No, but may not be necessary

File Size: up to 20.3" by 13.4" (at 300dpi)

COLOR ENHANCEMENTS: BA2158, BA2159, BA2160, BH4915, BH4916, BL4634, BL4635, BL4636, BL4637

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